Fysioterapeut – Jan Śrótwa

“Many of my patients complain that the doctor’s diagnosis is sometimes missed and oversimplified: back pain – sciatica, heel pain – spur, elbow pain – tennis elbow. In orthopedics it is impossible to make a diagnosis without manual examination! In my work, the thorough examination is the basis of therapy.”

I focus on finding the causes of the ailments and their elimination.

Being a patient, I asked myself:
– someone examined me?
– explained anything to me?
-if my problem disappeared after visiting the doctor?

Unable to answer ’yes’ to these questions, I spent a lot of time on my own attempts to heal my illnesses. Possessing current knowledge, I focus on the quality and effect of work. Nothing pleases me more than the fact that after one visit, my patient does not need painkillers or further visits.

*back pain
*neck pain
*shoulder pain
*sciatic shoulder
*sciatic femoral
*calcaneal spur