Lash extensions

The choice of the technique is crucial. Every method should be selected individually for each client depending on the shape of an eye, condition of natural eyelashes, desired effect and… client wishes.

Types of eyelashes:

Synthetic eyelashes

They are charcterized by lower flexibility and they are less delicate than natural eyelashes. However, they have a more regular shape. What is important, unlike other natural eyelashes of burrows fur, synthetic eyelashes do not have any eye sensitising properties. Due to this quality, this type of eyeleashes may be chosen more commonly. What is also worth mentioning is that synthetic eyelashes have tendency to tangle, therefore they should be treated with greater care because they may damage or even fall off during combing

Silk eyelashes

Silk eyelashes are made of natural silk protein. Huge advantage is that they are soft and light as a feather so they do not put any weight on eyelids. Due to this quality it is adviceble to use comb specially designed for this type of eyelashes. It may be helpful especially in the mornings if eyelashes get wrinkle during the night. Another advantege is that they tolerate swimming in the pool, making eye makeup, and wearing contact lenses. However, it is worth giving up the waterproof mascara, because washing it may harm artificial eyelashes, but also natural.

Cashmere eyelashes

They are very delicate and soft to the touch. They resemble syberian burrows fur eyelashes of natural orgin. They have very intense raven-black color. After application they are light and they have very nice shine. They are comfortable to wear and do not burden natural eyelashes, they look very aesthetically and adorn the eyes beautifully by giving them a lot of grace.

Methods of application:

All volume application methods:

1:1 eyelash extension

1:1 eyelash extension involves very precise application of false eyelash to the natural one. It is especially designed for ladies who despite using the best cometics for care, still have problems with short, invisible and slightly curled eyelashes. The effect of the treatment lasts even up to six weeks, during which one can put mascara aside. Thanks to this method our eyes appear to be bigger and more expressive.

All of types eyelash extension (2D,3D)

This method allows to obtain amazing volume and preserve their natural look. This luxurious treatment is performed by applying two or three counterparts to the natural eyelash.

Russian volume= 5-8D

This revolutionary volume method is ground-breaking. This new formula involves application of few appropriately profiled eyeleshes and the result is beautiful. Applied eyelashes are special products designed for volume methods. Their main adantage is that they exert less pressure on the natural eyelash than typical ones. Indisputably, this method gives the best volume effect without ruining the natural look. Volume Russian also minimize visibility of missings between complements. In this method the choice of eyelashes is even more individual and designed specially for ones shape of the eye. It is great alternative for women who have very few natural eyelashes or want to obtain more spectacular effect than in 1:1, 2:1, 3:1 methods. Within this technique we distinguish several types of eyelash styling – classic, siren, barbie/doll and diva style.

Mega volume = 10-15D

Method intended for women with very small amount of eyelashes. We apply 10 to 15 eyelashes toward each natural eyelash. Each false eyelash has a thickness of max 0.04 mm. Despite its considerable amount, they do not overweight natural ones. Instead, they beautifully spread all over the eye.

Extension of lower eyelashes

Eyelash extending and thickening is possible with the 1:1, 3:1, 4:1 method. The more thick and strong eyelashes are, the stronger thickening is allowed. If eyelashes are weak, special attention should be paid to eyelashes parameters. The performance itself differs from the application of the upper eyelashes, mainly by the method of gluing eyelashes. Extending both upper and lower eyelashes underlines lower eyelid and emphasize the depth of the eye. The lower eyelash application last approximately up to 2 weeks.

Become a stylist!

Goya Salong offers trainings of all methods described above.
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